Corporate Social Responsibility

The construction process, right through from planning and design to use and demolition, has a major impact on society. Taking in account issues of great concern in areas like climate change, sustainable development and community impact in the construction industry, Concrete Group is always focused on improving its CSR performance.

Our team of specially trained environmental landscape engineers play a pivotal role in protecting and conserving the natural environment. They prepare a draft plan emphasizing order and proper set up of the buildings in harmony with the environment around it.

Besides, the most meaningful activity in which a human can be engaged is one that is directly related to human evolution. Concrete Group therefore engages deeply into the process of elevating human dignity. All our employees enjoy benefits like health care, medication, recreational activities and family support plans. We contribute to their growth, because we value their contribution towards the growth of the organization.

We have acquired a slum redevelopment of approx 9000 sq mtrs in The vicinity of Powai & are likely to re-house 500 slum dwellers & provide them a permanent accommodation from huts in which they are presently residing.

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